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“Erkeengler”, which translates to “Archangels”, is a nonprofit organisation founded after two young boys, Mikael (7) and Gabriel (1), were abruptly taken off this earth in Lørenskog on the 19th of July 2020. 
The charity is run by the children’s father, his family, and a close friend. The purpose of the organisation is to contribute to children and young teens in the municipality of Lørenskog and Rælingen to be able to participate in sports and other afterschool activities. This includes everything from building playgrounds and sports facilities, to providing support and financing membership fees so that children from low income families can partake in a variety of activities. At the moment it is natural for the charity to focus on these two municipalities as the two boys had an affiliation to them, however in the long run the charity wishes to run projects and events across the whole of Norway.
There are no words to describe the sorrow that the family of the boys are left with, but there is a comfort in being able to support local communities in Mikael and Gabriel’s names. Erkeengler aims to positively contribute to the health and well-being of children in the local community

The charity has had an amazing start and we are currently working on three memorial grounds for the boys in Lørenskog and Rælingen:

Memorial 1

Gabriel’s Corner

In Gabriel’s kindergarten they are building a new playground for the youngest children, this will be called “Gabriel’s Corner”.

Memorial 2

Mikael’s Football Field

There will be a new football field built next to Mikael’s primary school which will be named “Mikael’s Football Field”


Memorial 3

Mikael & Gabriel’s Paradise

In the family’s hometown of Lørenskog there is a need for new children’s playground. Erkeengler is working with the municipality to construct one named “Mikael and Gabriel’s Paradise”. 

The father of these two wonderful boys initially set aside 500.000 kr (approx. £42.7k) with the goal of reaching 1 million kr (approx. £86k) in donations by the end of 2020. We are happy to announce that this goal was reached within weeks of Erkeengler’s launch. You will be able to follow the charity`s journey and future projects on the website.


+47 474 43 644

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